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I'm Christine. 

I help brands tell stories on Snapchat! I've worked with companies like T-Mobile, Dreamworks, Coca Cola, Disney, and UNICEF on strategy, ideation, art direction, content production, and more. 


New York Fashion Week

In September 2015 I was hired to help launch the official Bloomingdale's Snapchat account alongside New York Fashion Week. I established the creative direction of their Snapchat as we hopped between fashion shows.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola recently changed their slogan. I was excited to take over the Coca Cola Snapchat to help launch a Snapchat campaign story around their newest motto, "Taste The Feeling".  

NYC, Atlanta, Miami

I have worked extensively with T-Mobile on their innovative, millennial-targeted campaigns. From EDM music festivals to Latino awards shows to partner product launches, I help cover live events in a unique, creative way that stays true to T-Mobile's brand. 

Kung Fu Panda 3


For the New Year, Dreamworks wanted to do something awesome: nationwide geofilters for their upcoming movie Kung Fu Panda 3! I designed all four geofilters that went live across the USA that day.

Scream Queens

For the entire season of the hit show Scream Queens, I wrote, directed, and produced their episodic Snapchat content. I engaged with an enormous audience through games and contests. It was incredibly fun bringing the show's unique aesthetic onto Snapchat.

Holiday Playlists


When Pandora asked me to create a holiday story for them, we decided we wanted something fun, edgy, and... real? I created a cartoon for them covering some of the more awkward, but equally lovable holiday moments - the ones all of us can really relate to.

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